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HIMYM s9ep21 - Gary Blauman on We Heart It.


HIMYM s9ep21 - Gary Blauman on We Heart It.

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Finishing the last two episodes/season finale of How I Met Your Mother

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Vampire Weekend — Pizza Party


P - I - Z- Z- A - P - AR - T - Y

If you gotta blunt then we can get high

If you wanna come then pick up the phone

Don’t get caught with a whack calzone 

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The Return of Samurai Jack by ijul


The Sword in the Stone (1963)

Wolfgang Reitherman

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this looks totally different than irl 

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Marilyn Jade

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I have a lot on my mind so I let it out here. Most of me tries to make sense, but the right words slip away. I'm still growing - to love, to build.

"[We're] losing just as much as we're finding, constantly." - Roger Harvey

I just hope I'm losing the negative instead of losing my mind. Balance, strength, drive.